Whether one a is runner, plays tennis, football, hockey, baseball – or any sport that requires strength, balance, control, range of motion or flexibility, Pilates offers a workout that will improve function and help prevent injuries.

The system of Pilates focuses on balancing out all of the muscle groups. This helps to strengthen where there may be weaknesses and engages muscles not ordinarily used. A Pilates workout includes resistance exercises and dynamic stretches which can increase range of motion and help prevent injury.

Unlike other forms of exercise which may focus on strength or stretching or speed, Pilates workouts focus on a whole-body approach, using absolute precision to help athletes better understand their body and manage the physical demands of their sport. Body mechanics, understanding how the body is built and operates, is an integral aspect of Pilates. When an athlete has the knowledge of Pilates and can apply it to their sport, they will gain the knowledge to adapt their body to their specific sport and reduce stress and strain.  

Muscle sequences, correcting imbalances and strengthening exercises enhance the ability to endure the rigors of the sport. One of the six principles of Pilates, flow, provides a cardio workout, beneficial to anyone engaged in athletic activity.

Athletes new to Pilates are recommended to start with either Private or 10 Basic Mat classes to become familiar with the exercises. If you have started elsewhere with Pilates, an Intermediate Mat class may work well for you.