Mat Classes

On the mat, an individual’s body weight provides resistance against gravity, making the workout challenging. The multiple levels of Mat workouts – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced – provide continuity and expansion of Pilates exercises.  A Pilates student must be in full control of their body, rather than relying on the assistance or support of the springs and cables of Pilates apparatus. Usually comprised of 5+ people, Pilates mat classes are a great way to discipline oneself to learning and improving the Pilates workout. In addition to class work, Pilates mat is possible to do at home allowing students continue their workouts beyond class time. As a student progresses with mat classes, occasional private or semi-private sessions are encouraged to fine-tune movement to ensure greater results. Pricing and availability.

Group Apparatus Classes

Group Apparatus Classes utilize either the Pilates Reformer, Tower, or other equipment. In mat work, resistance is provided by the individual’s body weight. The Apparatus provides resistance via the springs and pulleys. The resistance increases connective tissue strength through closed chain exercises, meaning pushing and pulling with the force of resistance springs creates a chain of energy, which increases the muscle contraction which, in turn, increases the bone strength. Pricing and registration.

Private or Semi-Private Sessions

Private lessons involve one-on-one instruction and are a great way for new students to learn the basics of Pilates or for more experienced Pilates students to fine-tune their practice and strengthen their form. These sessions are individualized to each student(s); mat work or apparatus work can depend on the students’ level and goals. 

In a semi-private session, two or three clients are matched to ability and work together with one instructor. These sessions are lively and motivating and when done 2-3 times each week, deliver visible and lasting results. Many clients choose to take semi-private Pilates sessions as a way of continuing focused personal training. Pricing and registration.