Pilates Center of Maine founder and lead instructor, Tünde Schwartz (the “u” sound is similar to that of “push”), is a certified Authentic Pilates Method™ through Power Pilates™ instructor, the gold standard of Pilates training.

She has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine for personal training and in 2004 received an Advanced Level Comprehensive Teacher’s Certification through Power Pilates New York with Master teacher Susan Moran. In 2012, Tünde received additional advanced certification through the Pilates Standard with Master teacher, Bob Liekens. Tünde is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and continues to sharpen her experience with Pilates workshops, conferences and teaching private and group Pilates sessions each week.

Prior to founding Pilates Center of Maine, Tünde trained in the fitness industry in New York City 15+ years and now has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years. She taught and created programs for some of New York’s elite health clubs and studios, has been featured in fitness magazines and served as a consultant for television and books. Her passion for Pilates and fitness is empowering to each student she encounters.



Michelle Sibilia studied classical Pilates for 6 years under Romana Kryzanowska certified instructors prior to training and apprenticing with Bob Liekens and Susan Moran Perich at Power Pilates in New York City. She received her 600 hour certification in January 2006. She maintains her certification through Power Pilates™ continuing education, as well as with other internationally renowned master instructors. In 2011 Michelle received her certification as a Power Pilates teacher trainer. Michelle founded and owns the Pilates is a Workout studio in Sarasota, Florida. Michelle teaches seasonally at the Pilates Center of Maine.




Pilates began for Nathaniel Dombeck as a supplement to his dance training back in 2012. Practicing for a year with Tünde at the Pilates Center of Maine, he has been able to use the tools he found in this discipline to care for and strengthen his body through years of vigorous dance and physical work. He has performed as a company member with the Maine State Ballet, as a performer with the national tour of West Side Story, and currently as the principal dancer for the Maine State Ballet. While in NYC, Pilates shifted from a supplement to a focus, where he became certified in Pilates Mat under the Equinox training program. Since then his interest has only grown in fitness and physical training. Working mainly with dancers at the studio, gym, and the Pilates Center, his goal is to help elevate technique and strength while at the same time working to reverse or prevent injury. He is honored to now be teaching under his former instructor Tünde at the Pilates Center of Maine.


Mari Balow is certified as a Beginner and Intermediate Mat Instructor in the Authentic Pilates Method™ through Power Pilates™.  She brings her enthusiasm for physical empowerment to every class, as well as a belief in each person’s inherent potential.  A dedicated student of the human body and its limitless abilities, she continues to expand her knowledge with Pilates workshops and classes.  Thankful for fantastic teachers who have motivated and challenged her, she strives to do the same for others.



Morgan Surkin has been been athletically-minded since she was young, turning her passion towards Pilates in 2007 when she was looking for a low impact way to get into shape.  The focus on form, precision and control was a main draw to Pilates as well as the mind-body connection that comes from a thoughtful, physical practice. Morgan’s goal is to help Pilates students gain core strength through functional exercises.