Mat Classes

Mat classes evolve from Basic, to Intermediate to Advanced. The increase in challenge is based on the number of exercises performed and the flow at which the exercises are completed. Pre-registration for attendance in a mat class is not required, however full payment is required at the start of any new class or session.

  • Individual mat classes – $20 each. Series of 10 classes – $175.00. Check schedule.

Basic Mat – Foundational Pilates exercises

If a student is familiar with Pilates or coming back to Pilates after an injury, Basic Mat is strongly recommended as a starting point. Basic Mat enables students to consistently workout using the fundamentals of Pilates movements (focusing on 12 foundational exercises) and focuses on proper breathing technique and alignment. Exercises can be modified as necessary for those with physical limitations or post-injury. Pilates Basic Mat can also help students develop a solid home-practice routine. Classes are 55 minutes. 

Modified Mat – Basic to Intermediate Pilates exercises

Modified Mat continues to focus on the six principles of Pilates but in a manner that works with one’s range and ability. Thus, if students are experienced with the fundamentals of Pilates, but are looking for increased challenge that can accommodate physical limitations, Modified Mat can work well. Modified versions of Pilates exercises reap the same benefits of “ideal” Pilates exercises – and maybe more so because students avoid doing exercises incorrectly, which can prevent future injury. 

Intermediate Mat – Intermediate Pilates exercises

Once a Pilates student is experienced in Basic Mat, Intermediate Mat is the next step. In Intermediate Mat, students will work towards the “ideal” or true-form of Pilates exercises, with an emphasis on focus and precision. Modifications are seldom incorporated in Intermediate Mat. Students post-injury or physical limitations are strongly encouraged to continue with Basic Mat or Apparatus Classes as modifications are contradictory to precision in Pilates. Once a student is experienced with Ideal Mat, they are encouraged to continue on with Mat with Props or Mat Challenge.

Open Level Mat – Intermediate and Advanced Pilates exercises.

Open Level Mat is an option for Intermediate and Advanced Pilates students looking to fit in an extra workout during the week.

Mat with Props – Intermediate and Advanced Pilates exercises.

Mat with props introduces the use of resistance bands, light weights, magic circles, small stability balls, small barrels, and foam rollers. These props provide resistance and are ore demanding for the Pilates student by increasing stability and providing greater challenge to the Pilates workout.

Pilates Body Boot Camp Intermediate and Advanced Pilates exercises

Pilates Boot Camp combines the strengthening and balancing exercises of Pilates with cardio and agility to create a workout that challenges your mind and changes your body. The pace is more fluid from one exercise to the next, creating a strong cardio workout in addition to strengthening the powerhouse, or core. The exercises are more advanced, and variations are used creating higher cardio output.

Advanced Mat – Advanced Pilates exercises

Pilates Advanced Mat work is the ultimate challenge for students who have moved through basic and intermediate Pilates exercises and/or have learned on Pilates’ apparatus or in private lessons. Advanced Pilates students will rely on the strength and flexibility of their powerhouse to push beyond their current abilities.