Physical limitations can take many different  forms. Chronic lower back pain, post-operative rehabilitation, weight gain, arthritis, and partial paralysis, among other issues.

If you no longer participate in high-impact physical activities, Pilates can provide a challenging workout that helps you become physically stronger – within your range of mobility.

First, Pilates exercises build strength. This is achieved through workouts focused on the core. As the core (abdomen, hips, glutes, and pelvis) become stronger, the rest of the body is able to function more effectively.

Pilates also improves balance. Balance is an important asset regardless of one’s age or activity, but for those with physical limitation, Pilates can correct imbalances and help a person improve their daily lives.

Flexibility keeps us able to flex, extend, bend and rotate our bodies without worry of an injury. If a physical limitation prevents you from utilizing from one or more body parts, Pilates can focus on increasing flexibility of other areas.

If you currently face physical limitations, please contact us to learn how Pilates may work best for you. Private sessions are recommended as a starting point to help you become familiar with your abilities and learn appropriate modifications.