There are many general wellness benefits of Pilates. Pilates is a whole body workout covering strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility. Improving these areas leads to a strong core, or powerhouse, a strong heart and improved balance – all of which can help prevent injuries as one ages.

The six principles of Joseph Pilates – Breathing, Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, and Flow – seamlessly integrate into each workout and are instrumental in achieving a balanced mind-body experience.

Breathing is a central aspect to completing Pilates exercises. In learning to breathe while concentrating on controlled body movements, a Pilates workout can reduce physical and emotional stress.

Pilates is beneficial and feasible at any age. Pilates workouts are low impact, and individuals can build up the challenge at their own pace.

Pilates also improves balance. Balance is an important asset regardless of one’s age or activity. Whether you are engaging in sports, working outdoors, carrying heavy objects, gardening or just going about your daily errands, balance keeps you moving properly and helps prevents falls.

How many of us have turned or stretched to reach something, only to feel a muscle pull or worse? Flexibility keeps us able to flex, extend, bend and rotate our bodies without worry of an injury.

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